DIY: Dried Pepper Wreath

DIY: Dried Pepper Wreath



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After spending a fall weekend in Salem, I came back with a renewed excitement to start decorating for the season! One thing that inspired me most was a gorgeous dried wreath of peppers. I had never seen that before, and was determined to make my own. Here's what I did....

Dried Pepper Wreath


You'll Need: 

Small Pepper Plant ( I got mine from Trader Joes)

Fishing Wire




1. Cut all of the peppers off of the pepper plant, leaving a bit of stem on each.

Pepper Plant

2. Thread your needle with the fishing wire

Pepper with Needle and Thread

3. Take the threaded needle, and push it through the tops of one of the peppers. Push it all the way down the wire, and tie a little knot to keep it in place

4. Continue to string your peppers. It's fun & easy!


5. Find a sunny, non-humid spot to hang-dry the peppers. 

6. Wait about a week or two for the peppers to fully dry. 


Peppers and Wheat


Not hard at all right? And so festive & fun! 

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