Floral Diary: DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape

Floral Diary: DIY Thanksgiving Tablescape

I love a party. And Thanksgiving is basically a party on a more personal scale, right?

Over the past few years, Bryan and I have spent Thanksgiving in Ohio. So, with the prospect of spending my first Thanksgiving home in a few years, I wanted to go all out.

A custom, handsewn table runner was a must! And matching, handsewn napkins! Flower-wise, I wanted to use primarily items that had been grown in our yard, to make the whole setting even more personal and intimate. And voila! 

While planning and creating the tablescape took at least two weeks, and setting the table took a good 1/2 day (playing with branches, tweaking plates, etc), it was 1000% worth it in the end. 


For flowers, I used bunches of hydrangeas that I had dried over the summer, with sprigs of wheat, tied together with light blue velvet ribbon. On the table itself, I layered cool branches from outside with oranges that I had dried, vines, more dried hydrangeas and small pumpkins. 


Tall candles were a must, with little tea lights as well. All that was missing were some tiny garden fairies and gnomes. 

And at each table setting, there was a little felt pumpkin, and a calligraphy name card that I created. It's all in the details...and I love the details!



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