Floral Diary: Stainless Steel Flower Frogs & DIY Flower Frog Vase

Floral Diary: Stainless Steel Flower Frogs & DIY Flower Frog Vase

Hello friends!

I recently discovered stainless steel flower frog pins and had to share! 

What are they? A flower frog is basically a weighted base with lots of tiny stainless steel "pins" on top. You then submerge the flower frog into a vase, and voila! You are in business


What does it do? Friends, it can transform your flowers from blah to wow! One takes flowers and sticks them into the pins, which gives you more flexibility of how to flowers look. Drama drama drama and I love it! 

DIY Flower Frog Vase

Often times, flower frog vases are expensive. Or, hard to find, Or, just plain cumbersome! So, we can easily make one ourselves!


You'll need:

- 1 flower frog, mine is 2.4 in (link to mine from Amazon here

- 1 bowl


I went to Muji in Boston and found some beautiful bowls. You could also go to your local thrift store, Good Will, Target, Anthropologie...whatever you like! 

Simply place your stainless steel flower frog into your chosen bowl with water and you are in business!


My one recommendation is to place your flower frog in your bowl, and evaluate how it looks aesthetically. Originally I bought a bowl that was a little shallow, so I ended up going with one that had a higher lip. 

The great thing about having the frog and bowl separate is that it makes them easier to store! 

Let me know if you end up trying this technique! Leave me a comment below or on instagram @withlovebybug 


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