Recipe: Valentine's Day Red Heart Pasta

Recipe: Valentine's Day Red Heart Pasta

Looking for a fun Valentine’s Day meal? You can use a roasted beet to organically dye your pasta pink/ red!

red heart pasta

I used my standard homemade pasta 🍝 recipe (see the full recipe in my journal  here 📓) & roasted a beet in the oven for about 40 min until it was soft. I seasoned the beet with salt and olive oil (super simple!) and set the oven temperature at 425.

Then, I took the formed pasta dough and literally rolled it onto the cut-up beet..transferring some of the natural food coloring. Next, I knead the now red pasta dough…until all of my dough had this red color! A little messy but a lot of fun!

red pasta dough


red pasta ravioli


red heart pasta on hand

Let me know if you end up trying this recipe! Leave me a comment below or on instagram @withlovebybug 


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