Floral Diary: How to Reflex Tulips

Floral Diary: How to Reflex Tulips

Reflexing tulips is a fun way to elevate any tulip. And it is so easy!


To reflex a tulip, all you need to do is gently peel back and bend each petal outwards. Start with the outer petals and work your way in to the center petals. 

reflexed tulip

You will then have a beautifully opened tulip.



This is perfect for tulips that are a few days old. I love giving new life to a flower arrangement !

Want inspiration on how to use reflexed tulips? Stay tuned for posts on how to arrange with them and how to use a metal pin flower frog. 

Let me know if you end up trying this reflexing tulip technique! Leave me a comment below or on instagram @withlovebybug  . 

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