Why Crafting Will Save the World

Why Crafting Will Save the World

We live in a time when the world is at our fingertips...both literally and figuratively. (Almost) Any item you desire can be searched for and purchased within minutes, delivered within 2 days. Scroll scroll scroll. Swipe swipe swipe. 

We no longer need to go into the workplace, but can work fully remotely. Meeting a partner on a dating app is now much more likely than meeting someone "in the wild." Do you need an in-person meeting, or will a Zoom call do?

The Pandemic sped up our total reliance on our technology, computers and phones and forced about many changes that one could argue were for the best. 

However, when most of your day is spent working on a screen, talking on a screen, scrolling on a screen...what does that mean? Is your life on the screen now more important than your one in real life? If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck...


So, here we are. At an impasse even. What do we do? How do we keep ourselves from becoming cyborgs who have no true interaction with nature, the people around us, the joy and beauty in the physical reality?

WE CRAFT. You heard me friends, we craft. We use our hands, we use our hearts and we create physical items. No screens of any kind. We use this beautiful gift called imagination, and once again give it a seat at the table. We reconnect with our inner child, and allow ourselves to play. And craft. And craft everyday. 

Crafting has many proven health benefits, including (but not limited to) reducing anxiety and depression, decreasing insomnia, improving self confidence, improving mental agility and fine motor skills*. Crafting is actually very similar to meditation, as one focuses completely on the present and the task at hand. This, in turn, increases dopamine and allows one to feel better over all.* Who knew that Grandma was so happy when she knit? 

But what is a craft? To me, it is an activity that involves your hands. No screens involved. 

Some examples: sewing, knitting, basket weaving, drawing, painting, sculpting, weaving, sketching, doodling, needlepointing, flower arranging, leather working, wheel throwing, crochet, candle making, decoupage, felting, ceramics, lace making, macramé, origami, sewing, mosaics, jewelry making, welding, creating miniature models, quilting, soap making, creating stained glass, wood carving, print making, collaging...the list is endless. 

And I am no saint! The amount of time I spend on my phone, on Instagram, is...a lot. And I love the community that I have formed! But I also know that without boundaries, I will be sucked in completely and will loose a very important part of myself. The part that makes me me. 

So, my challenge to myself is to craft every day for 30 days. Even if only 15 to 30 minutes, I think my day & soul will be better for it. I'll post a photo in my journal (to hold myself accountable) and maybe write a few words.

Want to join me? Share your crafting journey with the hashtag #craftingwillsavetheworld and tag @withlovebybug on Instagram. Have questions? Need inspiration? Drop me a line and I will be more than happy to help get you on your way!


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